Footnote questions

Apologies if these questions, all applying to the iOS version, have been asked already here or are answered in the tutorial - I tried to search for answers/solutions in both places and the app settings but could not find any.

  1. Is it possible to move footnotes?
  2. Is it possible to convert footnotes to inline footnotes?
  3. Is it possible to use a footnote mark instead of highlighting a word?
    [Edit] 4. Is it possible to format footnotes (including highlighting text in them)?

Thanks in advance!

My apologies for reviving this topic already after such a short period, but I was wondering whether the answers to my questions are maybe too obvious? In that case, I would be grateful for advice where I can look to obtain the information. In any case, thanks for reading!

I think the reason you’re not getting any replies here is that iOS lacks much of what you’re asking about. I know of no automated way to use a footnote marker. The only way I’m aware of to convert between inline and popup is cut and paste. To move footnotes, again cut and paste.

As for formatting inside popup footnotes, that’s not available on iOS or on desktop, because they’re internally stored as plain text. To format within footnotes, you’ll need to use the inline version.

Thank you so much for your helpful reply! I had feared that most/all of what I was asking about was not possible on iOS but it is good to know that that is indeed the case… Also, it helps me to know about that particular difference between inline and popup footnotes!

You’re welcome!