Footnote randomly duplicates, replaces others during compile


I just compiled a ~100 page document with about 500 footnotes into Word and Mellel. One footnote shows up 65 times in the compiled document, it has replaced 64 others. At the start of this footnote, I wrote


The “[FN]” disappeared, only the period remained. “[FN]” shows up in a lot of footnotes in my draft (it means that I will add a proper footnote later), it seems to have disappeared everywhere where it wasn’t led or followed by another character. So any footnote that previously read


has been replaced with the mystery footnote (starting with the period).

I will need to compile this document many more times - could somebody tell me how to get around this issue? I tried to do a project replace to change “[FN]” to something else, no luck. Do I need to do something differently, to replace things in footnotes? I would much prefer to keep it though and keep Scrivener from replacing it.

Thank you very much!

I’m not sure why that is happening, that is very strange. I can’t think of a search pattern that would produce this result, but I would check the Replacements compile option pane and make sure nothing odd is in there that might be doing this.

By the way, you can do a global search and replace. Use the Edit/Find/Project Replace… menu command, and make sure “Text” is checked off, and “Whole Words Only” is disabled as the punctuation messes up that algorithm.

I’d be very curious to see if a different text pattern does the same thing. If it does, what I would try is compiling smaller sections as tests. You could Cmd-click on the document with the first footnote that is getting copied everywhere, and perhaps one or two others with the problem that fall subsequent to it, and set your compile group to “Current Selection” in the Contents compile option pane. If that still has the problem, try omitting the initial document and seeing if just subsequent documents reproduce it. It may be a problem with just that one footnote somehow.