Footnote References into Word

Advice from the more experienced or clever requested:

I use footnotes. A lot of footnotes. And when I compile to Word, I am forced to go through the Word document citation by citation, twice (once in the text, once in the footer) and bring the footnote citation into conformity with the Word style I am using. That sometimes means 200x in a chapter. Fussy little changes that are tedious in the extreme.

For bloc quotes I use a preformatted style in Scrivener; bloc quotes are green. Then when I go to Word, an easy substitution makes all “green” text, Quote style.

But footnote numbers are not inserted until the compile, so I can’t really specify a feature that could be globally changed in Word. What I get in Word is “normal” style, superscripted, smaller font (most times). I can change all superscript to “footnote reference” style, but I would prefer to intervene on the Scrivener side.

Any suggestions on what I can do in Scrivener to allow a global change when I have converted it to Word?

Thanks for your advice.

Why not style the footnotes with a specific font style/size in Scrivener and then do a Find by formatting in Word?

The elegant way to solve this however is to use Multimarkdown (MMD) Compile — footnotes get properly styled and then it takes a second to restyle the document (edit applied style), no need for find/replace. MMD also adds proper styles to block quotes, Headings, figure captions and more, generated a proper outline etc…

After compiling something to rtf/Word, I will open in Word, Select All and copy the whole into a new Word doc. This is a qick way to bring on board the stylings of your Normal template (which is evidently not automatically engaged by docs created outside Word). This makes doing some of this finishing work easier. Sadly, it does not really help with imposing the Footnote Reference style where it should be.

I really don’t know why Scrivener’s compile to Word does not make use of its style tag for Footnote Reference (and Footnote Text).

We are supposed to be getting a real styles system in Scrivener 3 to replace the presets system we now have. So maybe this will get better then? I guess there is no release date yet for 3.0 though.

Thank you all for your replies. I really haven’t time to start using yet another system (MMD), alas. I am sure it just what I need, but what I really need is to stop playing with software! :smiley:

I can’t figure out what to set a style for footnote markers and text. That was the start of it all.

I appreciate the suggestions.