Footnote separator

I was wondering whether, in my custom compile setting, there is a way to remove the footnote separator at the end of the page before the list of footnotes. Any idea? Many thanks,

If you’re exporting to PDF or for printing, you can determine whether the separator appears in the “Footnotes/Comments” pane of Compile. For RTF or Word formats, the word processor you open the file in determines whether a separator is added and how it looks.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. The problem, however, is that if I am in “Proofing” rather than in “Publishing” because I want my footnotes at the end of each page instead of at the end of the document, I can not decide what to do with the footnote separator in “Footnotes/Comments” because the option is not there. Do you see my point?

“Proofing” uses an external converter to convert RTF to PDF for printing or expert, so this is defined by that external converter and you are right that it has no option to change this.

I see, then there is no way of having no footnote separator and footnotes at the end of each page in Scrivener. For this matter, I have to edit my draft in my word-processor, right?