Footnote Style

I’m new to Scrivener (and to mac), but i really like S so far, except that i use a lot of footnotes. I’m wondering if it is possible to set a font style for them. They are already a different color, i’d like to make them a much smaller font. Then i would find reading across them much easier. I do this manually now but it is very tiresome. Is this possible?

Thanks, GP

ps. in one old program i used to use on windows, i had a macro that just turned the annotations to 1pt font and white, they disappeared until i needed to see them when i macro’d them back. cheap but very effective!

Seems to me there is no way to set style preferences for footnotes only.

There would also not seem to me any way you could define a macro to toggle between setting stylings of footnotes (because there would be no way to target just the footnote text in a document).

You could certainly make a begin-footnote macro that would take you into footnote mode and step down the font to something small, and an end-footnote macro to get you back to normal. You would be stuck with the tiny footnotes, though, of course.

Personally, I have not found the intrusion of footnotes in my main text a bother–and I do use them substantially.


P.S. If these things you are putting in your text are just notes to yourself and not genuine footnotes, then you could try using Scriv vers. 1.03’s “Scrivener Link Notes” functionality (cmd-L). This sort of note stays out of the way, but it also does not end up in your exported text–so, not a species of footnote.

Yeah, try giving it some time. I also use both footnotes and annotations and they don’t bother me at all to have them inline. It did take a little getting used to those.

Though there are certainly others who feel otherwise! There are numerous threads about footnotes–try searching for them and you’ll see what has been discussed.