Footnote text missing/on wrong pages when compiling to PDF

Hi all.
When I compile to PDF my footnotes start out okay, but by footnote 4 it all goes wrong; the note marker is there for note 4 but the corresponding text is missing, and after that the notes appear on the wrong pages (i.e., a page other than the one on which the marker appears). Any suggestions? Thanks!

I would try entirely deleting note 4 and see if the results are then as expected. That would confirm that there is something hinky about that footnote.

You might want to edit>zap gremlins on that text span.

Also, are you putting carriage returns in your footnotes? That can cause formatting headaches. (Also note that compiling to PDF has some built-in limits.) Generally speaking, a footnote should be a single unit — technically that means a single digital paragraph no matter what it looks like. If you need a visual break (apparent paragraph break), use a non-breaking linefeed and a tab.

Another thing worth checking is the setting described in this post. The problem described there is different, but how footnotes work are deeply integrated with widow and orphan code.

And the same closing note stands here, if you can share a working example of this not working properly, we’d love to see it as it is often possible to fix these edge cases.

Thank you very much for your help everyone (and apologies for the delayed reply—day job got the better of me for a minute there!).