Footnote viewer returns to top whenever new footnote or comment added

Hi there,
My first post here; currently trying out the software. Very happy with its performance and features so far, but one slightly annoying thing is that when my footnote viewer is full and I add a new footnote or comment to a document, the viewer automatically scrolls to the top so I have to scroll back down to add text to my new note. Is there a way I can get the footnote viewer not to scroll up automatically and to show me the note I’ve just added?

It is, indeed, a tad annoying.
But note that when inserting a new comment or footnote, you can simply type away, and it’ll scroll back to it, so long as you don’t click anywhere first.
In the case of comments the cost is the auto date and time stamp. But you could ctrl+x - ctrl+v - type - it.

I personally don’t care and just type away.

Else, yes, there is room for improvement…

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Thank you, that was helpful. I’ll just type away from now on. I didn’t understand exactly what you meant about ctrl+x - ctrl+v - type in the case of comments. Is this a way of cutting the date and time stamp before it gets overwritten then pasting it back after the comment is made? In any case, I don’t think the date and time stamp is that important for me right now, so I’ll probably just type away. It seems a shame to lose that nifty feature though.

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Add a new comment.
Ctrl-x or Ctrl-c (will cut/copy the timestamp that is selected upon comment creation)
Ctrl-v (will paste it right back, but this time no longer selected. By now the comment is visible again.)
Hit space or return, type in your comment.

Alternatively, you can add a new comment, type a letter (any letter), then Ctrl-z and type in your comment.

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RightArrow or End+Return and then typing would be another way of triggering a scroll event without messing with the date stamp line. Whether that is better or not depends on if your arrow/end keys are way over to the right or reachable from the home row.