Footnotes - alignment and spacing

Just a quick question. Once I cut and paste text of a particular alignment into a footnote, I can’t seem to change it nor the spacing. This seems a bit odd because I can change things like a footnote’s font, underline, and italics by using either the icons or the dropdown edit menus, but neither method allows me to alter the alignment or spacing. Thus now that I’ve mistakenly pasted in some centre-aligned text, there’s no quick way of shunting it all leftwards.


Foot / endnotes have come a long way since the early days of Scrivener, but there are still a few gaps. I get round this problem by temporarily converting notes to inline (instead of inspector) re-formatting the paragraph they end up in, and converting them back to inspector notes. A bit of a faff, but it works. It is better if you paste text into footnotes without formatting – though if you need to re-format for whatever reason you are left with a bit of a rigmarole to go through. I had a table in one of my footnotes, and just had to live with a few oddities.

Of course, I may have missed something, so if there is a better solution, I’d be glad to learn what it is.

Cheers, Martin.