footnotes and comments

After using Scrivener on my Mac for a while, I downloaded the Windows version on my PC at work. Now I cannot seem to find the comments and footnote function in the Windows version. I only see the “inline footnotes” and “inline annotations.” Am I looking in the wrong place? Or does the Windows version not support footnotes and comments? I use these a lot. Can I go back and forth between the Windows and Mac version without loosing the footnotes and comments I entered in the Mac version?

Currently the Windows version doesn’t have comments and footnotes though they are to be added at a later time. I think when you switch from Mac to Windows it makes the footnotes into inline footnotes. I’m not sure where the comments would go.

On compile, footnotes go where they should be (either at the end of each page, or at the end of the file, as endnotes, depending on your settings).

Annotations behave (when compiled to Word) like Word comments do : they appear in the right margin, leaving less space for the text on the page.