Footnotes and Compiling

When I compile my Scrivener file to a Word doc., the footnotes come out European style (i.e. # before punctuation). I would like them to come out after the punctuation, U.S. style (i.e. after any period or quotation mark). Is there an easy and fast way to do this? Thank you.

Unfortunately there isn’t a really good way of doing that because where to place the marker is left 100% up to you when you create it. It assumes you have done this the way you need it to be done, and is ultimately flexible as to how markers can be placed even within the same paragraph:

[size=80]Footnote placement as used by linked footnotes is wherever the highlight ends[/size]

Now if you’ve not been highlighting the pertinent text and have just let Scrivener make a guess at what should be highlighted, it could be at some point you enabled the option to Terminate footnotes and comments before punctuation, in the Formatting preference pane—which would cause it to make its guess in conformance with that standard.

If you’re using inline footnotes the principle is the same: image the whole grey bubble is the marker, because that is where it will be placed.

As for fixing things, first make sure the aforementioned option is set correctly, then use the Format/Convert/ submenu to get footnotes either inline or linked, depending one what you currently have—and then back whatever you prefer. This will cause Scrivener to make that calculated guess and move the footnotes to the left or right of the punctuation as desired.

The downside, if using linked notes, is of course that you’ll lose all of your highlights and end up with just one single word highlighted. So if that’s not an acceptable outcome, you’ll have take the more difficult approach of fixing each one by hand. You can drag a footnote to another word temporarily, then select the originally highlighted phrase (with the punctuation mark selected!) and drag the footnote onto the selection to reattach it correctly.

With inline footnotes the solution is simple since it’s all right in the text. Cut and paste or just deleting and adding the punctuation on the other side is all you need to do.