Footnotes and Endnotes - a bug?

I have been trying to convert footnotes to endnotes through the Compile (to Word) by choosing Export inspector footnotes as endnotes to no avail. Scrivener always exports as footnotes. My questions are:

  • Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  • In case it is, how can I go around it?


P.S. Beta .42

As a workaround, in Word, you should be able to change all the footnotes to endnotes (ref this:

Thank you very much for your suggestion, RWFRANZ. I don’t use Word but was able to convert the footnotes to endnotes using Atlantis, my wordprocessor.

I hope this bug is flagged in order to be fixed.

I’m sure it’s a bug – but it might not be a Scrivener bug.

I believe they’re using a 3rd-party solution to export to Word format, and it might not be able to export endnotes. Not sure why it wouldn’t, and since it works on PDFs, it should work in other formats as well, I would think.

Glad you found the conversion from one to the other in your word processor, though.