Footnotes and Endnotes and Publishing

I’ve run into a dead end. I want Publishing output in PDF (for paper publishing) but I also want Footnotes and Endnotes. But outputting footnotes as endnotes and comments as footnotes only works when I create Proofing output.

So, is there a trick to get both endnotes and footnotes in Publishing output?

Within Scrivener, no. I’m afraid you would need to export to a format that supports those features, and create the PDF file from there.

Please understand that Scrivener is intended to be a writing tool, not a page layout tool. There are some layout tasks that are simply beyond its scope.


I understand that perfectly. I’m not looking for a DTP replacement. I’m just looking for a solution that is not ‘gold’ but that enables me to produce both print and ebook from one source.

As Scrivener it cannot handle combined footnote/endnote in print output, I’ll have to give up on that or give up on Scrivener.

Well, the Proofing output will do what you want, it’s a question of whether you can work around its other limitations.