Footnotes AND endnotes in one document

Scrivener 1 allows you to use footnotes and to designate comments as endnotes. I’ve just converted to 3.0 and am ready to compile my product. How do I get BOTH footnotes at the bottom of the page, & endnotes at the end of the chapter AND/OR end of the project/mss?
And while we’re at it, any tips on converting the endnotes to an “essay on sources” instead at the end of the narrative?

You can use inline footnotes and inspector footnotes for this. I use inline footnotes for temporary citations as they are short and less intrusive. Longer notes go in inspector footnotes, On compile, the inline footnotes compile as endnotes; the inspector footnotes compile as bottom of the page footnotes.

In my word processor, I re-allocate the endnotes to end of section rather than end of document, and change the markers to reflect the different note-streams. I think you can set up the latter in the Scrivener compile process, but I don’t bother as it’s easy to do it in the word processor.



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thx. what word processor are you using?

I did note that you’re a Windows user. Actually, I use a Mac-only word processor called Nisus Writer Pro. That said, it should be easy to make the changes in Word, but I don’t actually know how as I haven’t used Word for years.

I can only hope that someone who knows Word will come along to tell you how.