Footnotes and Endnotes in Scrivener 3

I downloaded Scrivener 3. The documentation on how footnotes are inserted and then converted into Endnotes is very confusing and I cannot get it to work.

Is there a clarifying video somewhere or does someone have a clearer more concise explanation?

It would be helpful to know what more particularly is tripping you up or that you are uncertain about. The Scrivener Manual (avail from the Help menu) is pretty exhaustive about basic functions, so without more clues it is hard to know what it would be useful to explain!

Scrivener gives you the option of working with footnotes in two different ways depending on your preference. There are Inline Footnotes and Inspector Footnotes. If your need of footnotes is an ordinary one (there wont be a zillion of them peppering yur text, and they dont tend to be excessively long), then I think inline footnotes are the easiest and best choice for making footnotes. It is as simple as using italics is simple – just a different key command.

As for having them converted to endnotes on compile, I will leave that to someone else as I am away from my Scriv at the moment. Pretty sure that is just a checkbox in the compile dialog – but I could be thinking of Scriv 2!


P.S. I don’t remember off-hand what sort of coverage there is about footnotes in the Scrivener Tutorial, but that would be another place to look, if you have not yet.

I am trying to convert inline footnotes to end notes. In the compiler I have selected “export inline footnotes and endnotes,” but it doesn’t work. The footnotes stay in the text and no end notes compile.

Do I have to do something to designate where the endnotes compile? The Scrivener user manual has a lot of dense description but it is a bit confusing.

In the Compile window, under the gear wheel icon on the right hand side, you’ll see options for converting inline and inspector footnotes to endnotes

Edit: I see you may already have tried that. What format are you compiling to?

Can I ask an apparently stupid question? You’re not by any chance using TextEdit (or perhaps Pages) to open your compiled document are you? TextEdit definitely squashes footnotes, endnotes and other things; I’m not sure about Pages as I avoid using it whenever possible … Nisus Writer Pro for me!