Footnotes and Endnotes

OK, so this is not a question that will be easily answered. I understand the general idea of footnotes and endnotes, but in truth I have never used them. I am asking here for useful tutorials that others might be so kind as to recommend? I am looking at the Scrivener user manual. It seems detailed on how Scrivener does this - but it is still unclear to me as I have no reference to understand how this should look. Yes, I use the Format/Footnote menu. Yes I have highlighted a word and then pasted in the footnote but … now what? I don’t see any footnotes in print preview after doing this and I cant get rid of the side window that popped out for the footnote I just added - and I like my writing space uncluttered.

Maybe I am not thinking about this in the right way yet, I know that Scrivener is a great writing tool and I understand that outputting documents involves a separate formatting process. I am still a little confused as to how this all works together as I have not yet begun to output serious manuscripts - yet. I will have to learn this.

As I compile this 8,000 word document I want to start seeing my footnotes (endnotes?) in the footer area ( - or at the end?), so that I am seeing the points that I am referencing as clearly as I can and that my points are being made as strongly as I can make them.

Anyway, like I said, probably not an easy question to answer. Seeing a tutorial on this would definitely help. Thanks.

Have you had a look at the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu)? Very well worth going through to answer your more general questions about the software. And on this page of this site, there are videos, several of which deal with compiling, and one on footnotes. For endnotes (although I’ve never used them) I believe that the best way forward, with Scrivener or any other software, is to use, in conjunction with Scrivener or A.N.Other, a citation application such as Endnote. (Others on this forum have far greater expertise on this than I.)