footnotes becomes endnotes

So as I understand, Scrivener doesn’t have cognition of single pages, and that’s why when it prints out to pdfs or printers every footnote will become an endnote…

If I’m not wrong, unless Scrivener won’t support Apple Pages’ footnote, will bo no chances to have footnotes printed out with this application!

Too bad…

If I understood well, is there planned to add this feature in the next future to Scrivener?

The inability to export footnotes to Pages is a really annoying one - you may have seen my other posts and replies on this topic, but basically it’s down to the Pages format being proprietary and there being no basic exporter for it provided by Apple to developers.

As for footnotes being printed from within Scrivener… I’m afraid that is unlikely to happen anytime soon, as it would mean a lot of page layout calculations on the printing side. I wouldn’t say never, but it would probably be more a 2.0 thing than a 1.x thing. Sorry!

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Thank you. Scrivener is the best writer’s software I tried till now. Beyond footnotes, it just lacks a few things. I’ll write about them in the wish list forum.

Thank your for your kind comments.

I always welcome suggestions, so feel free to do so. Bear in mind that there is a bit of a feature freeze at the moment, though, whilst I try to write my own novel with Scrivener! (See the About page for information on how Scrivener should be taken “as is”.)

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