Footnotes behaviour in compile

I have just compiled a project I have been working on that contained footnotes. My destination format was Word (docx). The following things happened:

  1. Footnote numbers and footnotes were created but they were empty. Footnote numbers were also doubled in the footnote section of the page (as in for footnote number one it would appear: 1 1, in two different fonts)
  2. At the end of my document there appears a page with 9 numbers, each of which has a footnote number (starting on 9). The content of my footnotes appears in these footnotes.

I have been able to replicate the problem with a test document. Here you can see the text with the footnote numbers, which lead to the empty footnotes at the bottom of the document. In the body of the document (not the footnote area) there are also 4 footnote number which in turn have another footnote number (1 corresponds to 5, 2 to 6, etc.). These secondary numbers do lead to the footnote where the information actually is.

You can see here how at the bottom of the document (in the footnote area) there are 4 footnote numbers, doubled and with no information in them and then from footnote 5 onwards the footnotes with their text.

Since I’m working on a relatively small document I can easily fix the footnotes manually but this would be a major problem with a larger academic project.


Thanks for the report! There are some known issues with the .docx compile and footnotes which Lee’s working on fixing, and I’ll add your examples to that. In the meantime, try compiling to .rtf and see if that corrects it for you. You can resave it as a .docx from within Word if you need that extension.

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks! RTF did the trick. By the way, in my example there is also a minor issue that I didn’t mention so as not to clutter things but you’ll notice that the third paragraph (which corresponds to a different file in the binder) there is a dramatic change of font size. This is not in the original (the three documents in the binder were identical). Again, RTF format solved the problem.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.