Footnotes behind punctuation marks

Since the last update – as it seems to me – the footnotes that should automatically appear behind punctuation marks, eg at the end of a scentence, are set automatically before the punctuation. Like that: … Bekanntheit[1]. What can I do to change the settings back to the mode it was before? … Bekanntheit.[1]

I was under the impression that this was the correct way for German? You can turn it off via the “Formatting” preferences though (“Terminate footnotes and comments before punctuation”).

Thanks for thinking of Non-English Scrivenarians. The book suggests that footnotes in German are generally placed after the punctuation mark. As the OP suggests. …Bekanntheit.[1]

Since footnotes sometimes refer to a single term – rather than the whole sentence – they can also stand immediately after an individual word/name; if the latter is at the very end of a sentence, they can occasionally (and confusingly) appear before the punctuation mark. … Bekanntheit [2].

The default for German is probably better set to the former case.

Strange, I researched this, and my research indicated that footnote markers comes before punctuation in French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian and German. Not a big deal, though, I can change the default for German - I’ve only ever had a French user complain about the placement in the past anyway.

While I have little doubt that the footnote-after-punctuation-school is dominant in the German world I’m sure out there in the typographical wilderness you’ll find some style-sheet to state otherwise. We seem to be – in equal measure – a contradictory and obsessive lot.