Footnotes change format when I copy and paste text

Hello –

I am new to Scrivener. I like the way I can draft parts of a chapter separately and then integrate them, but I need to be able to draft text with footnotes and then copy and paste it into a different section. Whenever I do this, however, the footnotes change format. Instead of being either a marker or highlighted text, they are instead a number such as [1] and the footnote itself is found at the bottom of the pasted text. What can I do so that the text transfers with the footnote markers or text intact? Thank you!

It sounds like you might be using the Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style command to paste the text, which will convert footnotes to static endnotes like you describe. I’ve also seen a case or two where people had a utility installed that was stripping out all formatting at the clipboard level, so if you use anything that monitors or modifies the clipboard, I’d take a look at the settings for it.

The copy/paste is tricky within Scrivener, though it’s so easy outside of it. Of course, there’s an option to drag and drop text (with footnotes), but it’s also painful. I tried to disable Copied, as it converted my formatting into the plain text.


Scrivener uses the same pasteboard mechanisms that are used by all other native macOS software; not sure what you mean by that.