Footnotes compiled as endnotes despite unchecking option

When compiling to rtf, docx, doc, or odt formats, unchecking the option “Export inline footnotes as endnotes” has no effect: they all appear at then end of the document.
On the opposite, compiling to pdf and print formats works as expected: they appear at the bottom of each page.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?
This is quite problematic as I need the footnotes to be at the end of each pages, I want to be able to import the file in word for formatting, and there are 300+ footnotes in my document.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.
macos 10.14.6 - Scrivener 3.1.5

Do you in fact have inline footnotes, or inspector footnotes?


Thanks Katherine, I have been working with the inspector footnotes-the ones that appear in the Comments & Footnotes panel on the side. But I’ve always unchecked both options “Export inspector footnotes as endnotes” and “Export inline footnotes as endnotes”.
Could my problem come from the type of footnote I am using? Is there a way to convert inspector footnotes into inline footnotes?

Yes, you can convert them. The relevant commands are on the Edit → Transformations submenu.

If you’ve unchecked both options, though, there’s something else going on. Would it be possible for me to look at the project directly?

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup. Send it to our Mac support address, Please put my name in the subject line and include a link to this thread.


thanks so much Katherine, sending the file now, it’s a big one
hope you’ll figure out what is wrong with my project!