Footnotes Dissapear Between Windows and Mac

The footnotes I created in the Mac version of this software completely dissapear when I open the same files in Windows. I saved my Mac files to my Dropbox, and opened them on both computers through there. In the Windows software, no text is highlighted where my footnotes once where, and I cannot find them anywhere.

I am using the latest software on the Mac (Snow Leopard, regularly updated). Sadly, I am still using Vista on my laptop.

Hi pindarninja,

There are still a few compatibility issues to iron out between the Mac and Windows versions, inspector comments and footnotes being one of them. This should be fixed by release, so that they’ll be converted to inline annotations and footnotes when bringing your project over to Windows (since Windows doesn’t yet support the inspector notes), but in the meantime if you’re working cross-platform you’ll want to convert your inspector notes to inline footnotes in the Mac version first using Format>Convert>Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes for all the relevant documents (you can load them all in a Scrivening session to do this quickly).

Sorry, I’m trying to convert all the mac2 comments to inline annotations but on selecting the entire document (or multiple pages) the convert–> convert… command is greyed out.

Could you enlighten me, please?

Make sure the cursor is in the editor text. To do all of the documents at once, select them all and load them as a Scrivenings session, then put the focus in the editor and then do the convert.

Thank you!