Footnotes dissapear on compile

After compiling my final document I found that the footnotes did not convert well. These are footnotes generated in Scrivener. The resulting rtf document does not show footnote numbers nor footnotes text. I tried ticking on both “Include footnotes as footnotes” and “Include footnotes as endnotes”. When I hover the mouse over the place where the footnote should be I can see the little preview window but it has nothing in it or sometimes just a number or half a reference but not all. There is no text in the footnote area of the document.
Using W7, Scrivener 1.3.

In the known bug list for Compile footnotes is on the list. Compile is pretty buggy at the moment in general. But they are working to fix it.

Thank you, mightygitis. I looked in the forums before posting but I didn’t think of the list. :blush: