Footnotes don't transfer to Mac

I worked on my project on version 1.4, inserting one footnote. Then I upgraded to version 1.5 and continued working, adding additional footnotes.
Today I opened the project on my mac (using Scrivener for Mac version 2.0) and found that the footnote from version 1.4 was there, but all of the other footnotes (the ones I added while working on version 1.5) failed to appear in the mac and it was as if they never existed.

I looked at the known bugs and noticed this isn’t listed there.

Hm, testing this with just 1.5, it seems like the first footnote encountered in each document comes over to the Mac fine, but all others after that get lost. However, they still appear in the Windows version when I open it back up over there, but only if I haven’t changed text in that document.