Footnotes driving me batty

This is probably a newbie question, sorry, but I’m stuck.

  1. If I insert a footnote, I want it to default to numbered. Instead I get an asterisk and can’t find a way to change it.

  2. I use footnotes for references to text quoted. Of course, many of those references are web pages. I want live links in my footnotes so that people can click and be taken to the source. No way no how can I see how to add a link in a footnote. As it is I’d have to compile to Word and go through the whole book making the footnoted links ‘live’.

HELP!!! Argh.

Hello Skeptic, You have posted in the Beta forum for the new Windows Scrivener 3. You would likely get a better response posting in the Technical Support section.

I didn’t think 2.9 let you use a footnote marker other than a highlighted word or words.

That said, in the V. 3 editor you can only get an asterisk in the documents—though you can change it for a different glyph in Project > Project Settings > Format. In the View > Text Editing menu you can toggle on or off “Show/Hide Compiled Footnote Numbers in Inspector”, but to update the numbers if you add a new one or change the hierarchy in the Binder/Outliner/Corkboard, you have to Compile.

I imagine the reason it’s like that is if they tried to make the numbers live and in the text like you want, every time you clicked the “Add Footnote”, you’d have to sit and wait while the project was compiled in the background, which could be very frustrating in a long manuscript with lots of footnotes. Furthermore, given that the fundamental concept behind Scrivener is that the Draft/Manuscript consists of potentially thousands of individual documents which can be re-ordered at will, if you moved any document(s) in the Binder to a different place in the hierarchy, your footnote numbering would become out of whack.


Thanks for the tip Argoed. I know I posted it here, which is why I opened with apology. I figure I’m helping out to test the Beta (which takes time away from my writing, but I’m game) and the folks here are probably sharper than most, so I was just asking for a little help from my friends on the chance that they’d have ready info off the top of their heads.

I’ll check in on the other forum, thanks.

As mentioned by a previous poster, Scrivener doesn’t assign footnote numbers until compile time.

Footnotes are still buggy. For example, I’ve had trouble with them working at all when compiling to PDF (most recent attempt, no footnotes at all). Compiling to ODT format puts them at the end without regard to settings; compiling to Word (.docx) seems to work acceptably.

I think the link issue in footnotes is a known problem, but at the moment I can’t find it.