footnotes, endnotes, and compiling to PDF

I’m loving Scrivener 2! Fantastic software. One of the features I’m now taking advantage of is footnotes which I haven’t used for ages (it always seemed clunky for me to do footnotes in Word or other programs).

I’m specifically interested in footnotes and compiling for PDF. (I realize compiling for RTF handles footnotes differently.) Is there some simple way that I can have every footnote show up at the bottom of the relevant page where the footnote number is given in the text? More specifically, is there someway I can have each footnote show up at the end of the relevant page plus have continuous numbering of the footnotes?

It’s easy to collate all the footnotes at the end (endnotes) with continuous numbering. However, there are times where I’ll want to compile to PDF and have footnotes on the page where they are indicated in the text while maintaining continuous numbering.

I do seem to have found a relatively awkward way to have footnotes show up on a relevant page, but continuous numbering is then lost.

I did try to look in the manual, but footnotes and endnotes is one of the topics that’s still “under construction” in the manual.

Thanks for the kind words. Please see this thread:

In short, no, Scrivener does not support the direct printing of footnotes at the end of each page - that’s exactly the sort of thing that Scrivener leaves to external word processors, as to achieve that it would require writing a full page layout engine.

Thanks again and all the best,

Thanks. At least now I know I’m not missing something in the options. Easy enough to work around, just wasn’t sure about the limitations/boundaries for Scrivener.