Footnotes/Endnotes in list items when compling ePub/mobi

Scrivener seems somehow to honor the formatting of the reference text inside footnotes.xhtml. If a footnote is places inside a list item, the corresponding footnote text is surrounded by ul/li-tags. Footnotes placed outside a list item are simply surrounded by p-tags.




  • 3. FN text with reference INSIDE a list

    4. FN text OUTSIDE a list item

    ...[/code] This not only leads to display problems for the footnotes (with are really endnotes in epub/mobi), but gives errors in epubcheck as well: [code] ERROR: /Users/ms/Downloads/test.epub/OPS/footnotes.xhtml(17,17): element "p" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "li" [/code] Am I missing a setting, have something mixed up in my Scrivener project or is this a bug in Scrivener 2.4.1? Any help welcome as my epub is rejected when uploading to the publisher. Thanks Markus

Anyone, please? I still wasn’t able to solve the described problem and had to fix the compiled epub with Sigil manually to get the file accepted by the publisher.

Markus, sorry your question got lost in the shuffle. I cannot reproduce this problem myself. Just to make sure I have things correct, based on what you have described, I should be creating a bullet list somewhere in the body text (I used regular filled disc bullets), and then attaching a footnote to the text of any one of the list item lines? When I tried this, I did not get any list code in the footnotes.xhtml page.

Does this happen if you create a brand new note and type it in manually? Or is it only happening to stuff that has been there a while? That would help narrow down if it is a problem with the body text carrying over or the footnote text formatting itself.

Hi AmberV,

thanks for looking into the problem. You are right: Using a blank project just with some text and two footnotes (one inside, one outside a bullet list), Scrivener indeed does not show this behavior when compiled to epub oder mobi. But my completed manuscript with 50+ footnotes does and I can’t seem to find the reason. I don’t think I have made any bogus modifications to the project template and as far as I recall the text as well as the footnotes had no fancy formatting when copied into Scrivener.

Here’s a screenshot showing the problem and the parsing error for the epub file:

I’m clueless what might cause the problems. I can send you the project file for further investigation if you like.

Thanks a lot

I wonder if perhaps the footnote text was pasted in, perhaps from a source that applied a list format without specifying a bullet. What happens if you cut the text out of the first footnote in your manuscript, paste it into the Document Notes area, and then use the Format Bar to set the list type specifically to “None”, then copy and paste it back into the footnote box from where it came?

I’ve noticed that some word processors (Word, I think is a common culprit) address lists differently, and in doing so they can sometimes specify bullets in a way that are not compatible with the OS X text engine—they just don’t show up, but the list environment is still there and can manifest in formats like HTML.

One other thing to check is to make sure you are up to date with Scrivener. It’s been a while now, but I do recall we fixed a bug with footnotes and bullets with e-book output. Scrivener is currently at version 2.4.1.

But yeah, if neither of those suggestions work, feel free to package up the project as a Zip file and send it to us. Whatever happened, it might help us avoid cases where this happens in the future.