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Hello – I want the information from my foot note to appear at the bottom of the page in which the suscript appears and NOT at the end of the document. I am using a Novel template. And when I go to Compile and then Footnote/Annoitations, it only gives me two choices under Group footnotes: 1) At end of document and 2) at <$ End note> marker. I don’t want the reader to have to turn all the way to end of the book to read the end notes . Thank you. :neutral_face:

Scrivener is only able to support end-of-page footnotes in certain formats, so you may need to use an intermediate step by compiling to RTF and then opening that in Word or another word processor and saving to PDF or printing from there. When you choose a format such as .rtf, .doc, or .docx you will find options in the Footnotes/Annotations compile pane for compiling the notes as standard footnotes rather than endnotes.