Footnotes for a section or links to specific text of the book

Hi, I would like to be able to do sectional bookmarks. My work in particular has footnotes for specific sections of the book, and it doesn’t make sense to have footnotes outside of that context (it doesn’t).

How can I confine footnotes to be for a specific section?

Or maybe better, how can I make links with anchors so I can place them anywhere in the book?

This is done during Compile.

Basically, first you need to choose the “gear” icon in the right section of the Compile dialog and set it to export to RTF/DOCX with footnotes as endnotes. Then open the document in your word processor and set the style sheet to print endnotes section by section.

There is a thread in this forum on having both footnotes and endnotes in the same document. I’m not at my computer at the moment, so will check back later to point you to it if necessary.



Thanks Mark! How about for epub ? Is there anything I can do for that format ?