Footnotes for blockquotes single spaced after compile

I’ve been writing this darned book for almost a year (and, hey, should be done in less than a week… woo hoo!). So, time to get some formatting issues resolved. I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer anywhere, so here goes.

Footnotes for text block-quote text (that is, any footnote that is anchored to an item within a block quote) appear in the compile as single spaced. All other footnotes (and the body of work) is double spaced (as I so desire).

How can I fix this quirk?
Is there an easy way to format ALL footnotes? And I don’t just mean font (though that would be helpful). But spacing. This is driving me nuts.




Footnotes currently use the line spacing of the text to which they are attached, so if your block quote is single-spaced, then so will the footnotes be. This is a known limitation which is on the list for fixing soon.

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In the meanwhile, most word processors have a mechanism for locating all text formatted a certain way, and either bulk assigning them to a style or just letting you bulk select them all so the standard formatting tools can be used to edit the batch text. Using this method, you can make all of the non-standard footnotes look like the rest, and once they are all using the same formatting, you can select the entire lot of footnotes and adjust formatting that way.