Footnotes in compile?

Hi, I can’t seem to work out how to make my footnotes actually footnotes when I compile to MS Word. They come up as footnotes with a number in them, then all the actual text of the footnotes is under these numbers as endnotes! But word still thinks I have footnotes because I can’t use the funciton to convert htem from endnotes to footnotes.

Any more experienced people that can help me with this? I’ll continue to tinker away with it…


Ok, I can’t work this out and I’m getting desperate!

If I compile to print, all the footnotes are fine – except they aren’t footnotes, they are endnotes. I can compile to print, and then ‘print’ to adobe and thus make a serviceable pdf. However, I don’t want to use endnotes I want footnotes.

When I compile to pdf directly, or to word, the footnotes have the problems mentioned earlier: they refer to an empty footnote with a number in it. That number then corresponds to an endnote, where the text is placed.

Any ideas!??

I knew that would happen! As soon as I posted it again, I had a brainwave…

I compiled to rtf format rather than doc or docx or pdf, and lo and behold there are more options – such as export footnotes as footnotes, endnotes or comments. Tra-la!

Hi Kelly,

Just seen your post, or would have responded earlier. I’m glad you found the solution.

In general, RTF export is a much better option from every point of view. .doc is a proprietary format, which means that Keith and Ian are dependent on third party converters for that, and have no control over how they handle such things. RTF is an open standard, so Keith on the Mac, and presumably Ian for the Windows version, have been able to tweak it so that things like footnotes, endnotes, images, etc. are handled properly. And RTF has the advantage that it is readable by virtually every word-processor — including Word — which is not so true of .doc.

Anyway, great that you have found the solution to your problem.


Hi Kelly,

I’m glad you got it working; sorry I didn’t get this earlier. All the same, the footnote compile for .doc ought to work for this just as well as .rtf–the options for are the same. If you were able to get it working with exactly the same settings in .rtf compile as with the .doc that failed, something’s definitely going wrong in the export. I know there’ve been some compile issues specifically related to footnotes that Lee’s been working on, so it might be that there’s some hangover from this being a project created on an earlier beta, although it still seems bizarre that the .rtf compile would work where the .doc didn’t.

What version of Word are you using?