Footnotes in Scrivener have wildly different styles/formats despite my best attempts at them not

Even if I use Paste and Match Style, it seems like my footnotes (within Scrivener / Pre-compile) have all kinds of different styles that Scrivener will not let me change. I’ve even tried pasting my references into Sublime Text, an agnostic code editor to remove any formatting references and I still get varied styles every time.

(This may be a clue to what’s going on – upon compile, some of the footnotes show up as Italicized even though they don’t appear that way within the footnote edit panel.)

Is there a way to format all footnotes within Scrivener so they’re small and consistent? Some have double line spacing and apparently I can’t edit that after the paste. This issue doesn’t get compiled that way, it’s just visible within Scrivener.

Would also love to see “Footnotes” available as fully-editable style just like everything else.

Many thanks!

In Preferences > Editing you can set the Inline footnotes font to a different font, then tick the 'Use inline footnote font for inspector footnotes too box, which gives you some control over the font itself. Otherwise it uses the the default main formatting, I think.

If you right click on the header of any footnote in the inspector then you can have 'convert to default formatting, which should help you to get them all looking at the same.

Any other formatting, I think, is left for compilation time.

Just to add the final step, I think—I’m not at my Mac—that if you click once on an Inspector footnote to select it, you can then use Cmd-A to select them all. Follow that with right-click and from the drop down choose “Convert to Default Text Style” or whatever the exact wording is.


Thank you Mark and Brookter – Combining both of your techniques basically worked!

There appear to be some formatting attributes that extend beyond the reach of these techniques. I’ve attached an image of the phenomenon where some footnotes (within Scrivener) have portions of the text with white backgrounds,

and others that have strange Tab stops or margins on them (also pictured).

Not a big deal as they appear to compile correctly – just trying to differentiate between bugs and ignorance.

One final note- I realized the mysteriously italicized footnote phenomenon happens when the footnote references a bit of text (an extended quote for instance) that is styled with italics. Is this a literary convention I’m not aware of, or is there a way to prevent the footnote from inheriting the italics from the text it references?

Thank you so MUCH!

Sorry – I’ve never come across this. Unless someone else can shed any light, then your best bet is to cut down a project showing this behaviour and email it to support.


My pleasure

For that one, if you use a footnote marker, rather than a highlighted bit of text, you can avoid that one as the marker can be outside the italicised stretch. Go to:

Project > Project Settings > Formatting

tick the “Use footnote marker”, and either keep the asterisk, as I do, or set it to what you want.



Have some of the footnotes been pasted with formatting?

If yes, “paste and match style” might give more consistency.