Footnotes Instead of Endnotes?

I’m looking to start a long document, for a dissertation in the humanities (in the end, 300 pages or so), which uses footnotes. However, it seems the default settings for non-fiction templates only make use of endnotes. What is the best way to change this? Must I use a blank template–in which case, how do I make sure footnotes appear at the bottom of the page once they or exported? Or, is it possible to switch the endnotes setting of the non-fiction template to footnotes?

Thank you.

Whether they appear as footnotes or endnotes will depend on the file format to which you export and the settings in the “Footnotes & Comments” pane of Compile. Scrivener’s standard PDF export doesn’t support end-of-page footnotes, for instance, because Scrivener doesn’t support complex layout in its own page layout algorithms (which would be required for PDF generation). End-of-page footnotes are fully supported in Word export, however. Also, in the “PDF Settings” pane of Compile when exporting to PDF or printing, you can switch to “Proofing” PDF format, and this does support end-of-page footnotes. It’s called “proofing”, though, because this mode only supports a limited set of fonts. This is because this just passes the text through a basic RTF>PDF converter. It may do all that you need, but if not, then exporting to Word or RTF format is your best bet.

Hope that helps.

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