Footnotes Issue

Twice now I have noticed that the content of a footnote in one of my documents has been arbitrarily changed. By which I mean that I have inserted a footnote and written the relevant text. In the course of the following few days I would have redrafted parts of the main body text, merged documents, reordered them, etc. Just now I have gone back to check a reference and noticed that it has been changed. And I don’t mean that a comma has been added or deleted. I mean the footnote text has been replaced with a completely different text. This is very worrisome. The first time it happened, I presumed that I had imagined composing the correct text, and simply rewrote it.

I have just noticed a second instance, and have checked a Snapshot. Two weeks ago the footnote contained the correct text. I don’t know when it happened, but it now has a completely different text, which has been substituted in from another footnote that I wrote. There are a couple of problems here:

  1. I do not remember where the footnote text that now appears has come from, and will have to trawl through my text and check every footnote to make sure every one of them is correct.
  2. Any ideas why Scrivener is doing this? I am not doing anything fancy. While the project is saved to Dropbox, I have not edited it on my iPad in weeks, so I assume that this is not a sync issue. More importantly, how do I stop this from happening again? I have hundreds of footnotes, and do not fancy trawling through each and every one to make sure that they are referencing the correct material. Especially since, as with much academic work, my footnotes are often very similar in content but with subtle (and important!) differences.