Footnotes jumbled after update to Lion

-1.pngI recently updated my Mac to the most recent operating system (Lion), and confirmed that Scrivener was updated, too. Ever since, the footnotes in my Scrivener projects all appear as broken and jumbled. It doesn’t even look like text. If I try to write a footnote, the text is completely broken, unless I copy and paste from a previous footnote and write over it. But then after I save, close and reopen it all appears to be a jumbled mess again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached an image so you can see how it appears on my end.


This looks like a corrupted font. The first thing to try is selecting the text in the footnote and changing the font. If that works, you’ll need to open Font and look through for fonts with warning signs next to them. Sometimes an OS X update can corrupt fonts, and you get strange effects like this.

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I have a similar problem. For no reason I know of, the footnotes and comments I write appear in an unreadable font-- 10-point Cochin. So each time I write a footnote or comment, I must then select it and give it a different font and larger size.

Is there some way to specify what font and size you’d like all the footnotes to appear in? It’s annoying to have to stop and change them one by one. I can’t find anything in the help menu or in preferences that suggests this is possible.

Preferences > Formatting

To change for a particular project, go to the menu Project > Text Preferences.