Footnotes missing after switch to Windows and new version

I recently switched from a Mac to a Windows 10 machine. I had to buy a separate license for Scrivener, and I believe it also meant a jump from 2.X to

I have a book that is about 80% done that I have continued editing on the new platform. I just noticed that all my original footnotes are missing from the inspector. New ones appear there. The “Scrivenings” text editing field still shows the text with a hyperlink that points to a scrivcmt location. I have no idea what that is. When I compile for export, the footnotes show up. I need those footnotes to appear how they have always appeared in this document and how new footnotes are appearing. How do I do this? I feel like I’m in a complete crisis mode here because I have thousands of footnotes in this file. Please help.

Correction: all footnotes are missing from compiled document. These appear to be completely gone!