Footnotes not compiling as footnotes

When I compile in Scrivener my footnotes are not appearing as footnotes. Instead they are appearing at the end of the document.

The solution offered in the forums seems to be to export to RTF first, then convert to Word. However this does not work for me either. If I export to RTF, whether I open the document in RTF or Word, the footnotes are appearing as endnotes.

I have verified that “Export inline footnotes as endnotes” option is NOT checked when compiling.

Just to leave no stone unturned: Any chance you are using inspector footnotes, not inline footnotes? In which case you would need to also uncheck “Export inspector footnotes as endnotes”.

Workaround until you get an answer: You can convert in Word all endnotes to footnotes. This is an option in the footnote dialog box.


P.S. There are also, of course, inline annotations and inspector comments – the use of which could conceivably get confused with inline footnotes and inspector footnotes, respectively. Though compiling either of those would not result in numbered entries.

Thanks, gr. I am using inline footnotes.

I have tried to convert in Word but I can’t figure out how to do that. The “convert” option is always grayed out for me no matter what text I select. I can insert new footnotes, but I don’t want that.

Here is how it works in my version of Word: Put your I-beam cursor anywhere and invoke the command for inserting a footnote. In the dialog box the comes up pick the convert option. In the resulting pane, pick convert endnotes to footnotes. When you get back to the insert footnote dialog box, just hit cancel.


Here is what I see when I attempt that. As you can see, the “convert” option is grayed out and I am unable to select it.

Are these actually endnotes? If you double-click on one of the numbers, does it link back to the anchor point in the text, or if upon closer inspection and editing, is this actually just the literal text, “[23] Blah blah” at the bottom of the file, as though you’d typed it in yourself?

If so, then go into the Compatibility compile format pane, and make sure the option to flatten footnotes into text is off. That option is for working with tools like TextEdit or WordPad, which can’t do anything with the real deal.

Sorry this took me a while to get to, but I just wanted to say that AmberV your suggestion was right on the money and fixed things for me. Really appreciate it!!! And annoying that that setting is in a whole other preference area and took me a while to find. I’m super glad this board exists.