Footnotes, not endnotes!

I’m new on Scrivener…

I’m trying to insert footnotes at the bottom of each pages. How can I do this thing?

Scrivener places all footnotes in the last page when I’m exporting my work in PDF !

Help me please!!



Welcome to the forums. Scrivener is not a page layout program, so for things like end-of-page footnotes you will need to take your text to a dedicated layout program or word processor. To do so:

  1. Compile or export to RTF format.

  2. Open the RTF file in Microsoft Word, Nisus Writer, OpenOffice, Mellel or suchlike.

  3. Print from there.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

I’ve tried your solution: it’s perfect!

However I think that it is a primary service!

Maybe the staff should implement it… :cry:
Scrivener is the best word processor ever… it can do almost everything!
Maybe it should learn this too.

Still need to use Office o something else maybe is senseless…

For example, is a fundamental function in academic writing.
I am italian. I noticed that in recent months Scrivener came much more into university.
We need to support students and teachers.
They are already friends of Scrivener. Let them become lovers! :smiley:

Thanks for your reply,


Hi Luca,

Actually, I am the entire staff when it comes to the programming team on the Mac version. :slight_smile: While I agree adding direct support for printing end-of-page footnotes would be great in the long-term, I just don’t have the resources fight now - there’s a good reason why you only find end-of-page footnotes in the “big” word processors, the ones that have whole teams behind them, are created by big companies or have been in development for years: it’s a very, very tricky business, laying out all the text in pages, working out the size of the footnotes, placing them at the bottom of the page and then moving other text from that page onto the next page, and then working out what happens if the footnote is so long it would tak more than a page itself… and so on.

For those reasons, Scrivener leaves such complicated layout routines to word processors that are dedicated to laying out the text - Scrivener is primarily intended as a first draft tool.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

I understand your reason.

Thanks for your work!

We hope to find this useful feature in Scrivener’s future!