Footnotes on footnotes?

Is it possible to put footnotes (endnotes) on footnotes (endnotes) a la David Foster Wallace?

Much depends on your field, adviser, readers, and publishers.
The usual standard (in the humanities) is to keep notes to a minimum.
And use them mostly for citation of sources, rather than extensive commentary.
Because such comments are making an argument and ought to be in the text.
At the end of the line, publishers discourage footnotes because they are costly to set
And designers don’t like them at the bottoms of pages
So you’ll be asked to convert them to brief endnotes
And for frequently cited sources, to use abbreviations.
(Timeotheus will present a different point of view.)

I guess this question is not so much about academic standards as it is about the principal possibility to add footnotes to footnotes in Scrivener, right?

I don’t think this is possible.