Footnotes on wrong page in word after compile

First let me say this has been a wonderful program to write in. I am inches away from finishing my Dissertation and this program has been a boon. But now i am running into a problem. When i compile a chapter to word to format to submit to my committee, the footnotes end up a page off. Any Idea where I am going wrong. I am pretty fried at this point so be gentile if I am being stupid.

My process has been this:
1.Compile Chapter Folder to Doc
2.Settings are Footnotes as Footnotes and Annotations are set to not compile

Anything else I missed?


Ok, never mind, not your fault. Stupid word. It was set to have weird compatibility settings. All is fixed. Why does Word have to be sooooooo, complicated?

Thanks again, sorry for being stupid.


Glad you got it sorted!