Footnotes out of sync with page on PDF output

I have about 70 footnotes in a 150 page document. The last few are appearing on the page prior to where the footnote has been inserted. I’ve tried several changes to the Footnotes & Comments settings without any change. Can anyone give me some things to look for?

I don’t have much of an idea here, but the first thing I would do is scrutinize what goes on in the text between the last right-functioning footnote and the first wrong-functioning one — examining both the source text and the pdf output. And hope for a clue to what is instigating this.

Right now the only datum I’ve got is that it is the last few footnotes that are coming out wrong. This suggests something goes wrong and never rights itself.

When testing, you might just try removing entirely the first bad footnote and recompile. You could get lucky and discover that way that it is that footnote itself that is causing the trouble. I would try the same test with the last right-functioning footnote too.