Footnotes overlapping content

Hello! I love Scrivener, but I’m having one problem. Using the footnote feature, I find when I compile to PDF that on some pages (especially those containing multiple footnotes) the page content continues below the footnote separator line, causing the page content to print on top of the footnotes. How can I prevent this?

Thank you!

Hello JeffOstrander, and welcome to the forum.

Which version of Scrivener are you using? I want to be sure I have that since the compile settings in the two versions differ.

And, have you tried opening your PDF in a different PDF reader program on your PC? Checking a couple of programs to confirm that the output file is flawed is a good first step.

If that overlapping issue does show in another PDF reader, could you try compiling your project to either RTF or Word and open it there? Does a different output file correct the issue?

Testing that might help narrow down what’s causing that issue so we can offer some suggestions to correct it.