Footnotes placement in ebook

I’m trying to place my footnotes page before several pages of back matter in my ebooks. I have been able to use the placeholder tag <$–ENDNOTES–> successfully when I compile to print, but when I export to mobi it doesn’t work. The placeholder tag simple gets printed out on my resources page and the actual list of footnotes gets tacked on to the end of the ebook. Any way to place the footnotes page before back matter using the <$–ENDNOTES–> placeholder tag? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

What platform are you on, Windows or Mac?

I’m on a Mac.

Sorry, obviously you are - you posted this in the Mac section! I had multiple tabs open and thought this was in the Wish List section for some reason. I’ve checked the code and you are right, <$–ENDNOTES–> isn’t supported for e-book formats - in fact, it says in the Placeholder Tags List help (in the Help menu) that this tag can’t be used with e-books. So I’m afraid there’s no way to do what you want right now, but the introduction of back matter in a future version should hopefully help.

All the best,

Hey Keith, thanks for the reply. No problem. I can come up with a work around for now and stop pulling my hair out trying to get it to work. Thanks again for the quick response!