Footnotes Splitting Awkwardly upon Compile

I’m writing my dissertation in Scrivener and I’m experimenting with all the compile options. I’m compiling to Word (.docx). And I’m finding that upon compile, the footnotes are split very awkwardly. Sometimes a large footnote is kept on the same page and other times only one line of a footnote appears on the page and the rest of the footnote appears on the next page. Is there a way, either through Scrivener or through Word after compiling, to control how footnotes appear? Thanks.

This would need to be handled in Word, as Scrivener has no control on over how footnotes are split. The .docx document merely contains data that says, “This is a footnote that is associated with this point in the text, and this is the text of the footnote.” The layout of that footnote is determined entirely by the program in which the file is opened. A quick Google brings up a Microsoft article on this, so that might help: