Footnotes that are there but not seen

I want to use footnotes to keep track of sourcing in a long researched project. Is there a way of using footnotes (or annotations) so that the notes are not visible in the main body of the text? Having all those notes in the text makes it difficult to revise my work. Thanks.

Yes, I understand the issue. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to simply turn them off (as you can in lyx, for example), but you can change their opacity, so that the eye will skip over them. Look at the Typography panel in preferences. There you will see Ghost Notes Opacity, which allows you to control their visibility.

It’d be nice to be able to toggle them on and off, but I don’t think that’s possible.


Declan is correct.

Ghost note mode is a great help for readability.

Keith did look into having them collapsible etc. at one stage, but even the Apple engineers couldn’t figure out how to get that one to work with their current text system.

If you don’t have to have them as footnotes in the finished text but just want the references handy, you could put them in the notes or references fields in the inspector - whichever is appropriate to the type of source.

I’d seen the ghost notes mode, but didn’t know you could control the opacity. Collapsing would be nice, but this should work fine. Thanks!