Footnotes to Nisus Endnotes

I can’t work out how to export footnotes to Nisus as endnotes. At the moment they’re inline and also in the inspector. When I compile and tick inline footnotes to endnotes it exports as it is in Scrivener with the notes inline.

Are you exporting to RTF format? That’s the only one that will take them across as real endnotes (and it’s the best format for Nisus). Then you just tick both these options in the Footnotes/Comments Compile pane:

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Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Check under “RTF Compatibility” - you haven’t got “Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text” ticked have you?


Could you please post a screenshot of how it looks in Scrivener and how it looks in Nisus?

I sent these by email, with more explanation.