Footnotes turn to endnotes and roman numerals appear

My inspector and inline footnotes convert to endnotes when compiling, whether in rtf, odt or docx. In the compile settings - footnotes/comments the two options I have for ‘Group Footnotes’ are 1/End of Document and 2/Endnotes marker.
The problem is worse because I have not found a way in Word or LibreOffice to convert endnotes to footnotes. The options menu normally available in Word is greyed out.
In addition the compile kept imposing Roman Numerals for the footnotes, and there is no way to convert back those in Word either. Luckily I found that compiling as *.odt solved that problem.
I really have hundreds of footnotes, and converting them one by one is not an option.
Thanks for any help.

There is a way to convert endnotes to footnotes in Word, particularly after you have saved the document in .doc or .docx format from within Word. (I suggest you Google how to do that.) But, yes, Scrivener should be compiling per the specified settings. So, I also wonder if the issues you note when compiling to .rtf and .docx have been resolved or are being worked by L&L.