Footnotes vs Endnotes

I’m working on a document that I’d like to contain both footnotes (at the bottom of the page) and endnotes (at the end of the document). Is there a way to differentiate between the two in Scrivener?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, what you want to do is choose inline footnotes for one type, and sidebar footnotes for the other. This gives you two streams to work with. In the Compile settings, under Footnotes/Comments, you’ll find options for making one go to endnotes and the other to footnotes.

Thank you!

I took a look at the compile options and I don’t see any option to put footnotes at the bottom of the page, let alone distinguish between footnotes and endnotes.

In the Compile dialogue choose ‘All Options’

Go to the Print Settings section (left hand side) and choose Proofing (not printing) in the drop down box (Layout Type).

Then go to Footnotes/Comments (left hand sidebar) and you’ll be able to choose to distinguish between the two types.

That worked. Thank you.