Footnotes w multiple binder selections

Typically when I have two or more text elements selected in the binder, I have been able to see the footnotes and comments for all the text elements. Suddenly, it only shows project bookmarks. This is new today, without an update, so I feel like I may have inadvertently hit a keystroke to make this happen. Any suggestions? TIA!

Welcome to the forums, flyingdesigner! :slightly_smiling_face: Note that you have to be in Scrivenings mode in order to see the comments and footnotes for all selected documents in the inspector. If you’ve got multiple documents selected and you’re in the corkboard or outliner, the inspector will default to project bookmarks.

thanks amickie! It appeared as though I was viewing in Scrivenings mode, which threw me off. However, I re-clicked the mode icon and it appears to have solved it. Many thanks for your help!

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