Footnotes when printing a scrivening

I’m having trouble when printing out my scrivenings for pen-on-paper editing. All of the footnotes become endnotes at the end of the document, instead of at the bottom of each page.

I’m not trying to export the files or compile them into a word or rtf file, but would just like the footnotes to print at the bottom of each page directly from the editor pane. Is there a buried preference or way of accomplishing this?

Thanks for any help,


If you are doing proof printing, why not just use the compiler? It’s designed for all sorts of tasks, not just final output; it’s good for generating reports with notes, outlines and all manner of things. You can set the “Compile For” setting to Print, click on the “Print Settings” compile option pane, and change the mode to “Proofing”. That will typeset footnotes at the bottom of the page.

To constrain the output to just a few sections, select them in the Binder prior to printing, and then set the Contents compile option pane to use the “Current Selection”.

Thank you for the directions, as I was able to get the footnotes to stay at the bottom of the page in “Proofing” mode.

I’d been hoping for a similar checkbox in the preference pane, to make printing easier/quicker, but I can go through the Compile process to get the output I need.

Thank you for your detailed and timely response!

~ Christine