Footnotes zoom / quickreference

Is it possible to zoom or create a Quick-reference window from a Footnote? If not, is there any other way I can work with a footnote creating a bigger space to write in?

Easiest way would be to use the Format/Convert sub-menu to temporarily convert your inspector footnotes to inline footnotes. That will give you all the space you need since it puts them right in the editor with your text. When you are done with them and want to clear up the editing space, convert them back to inspector footnotes.

You could also use the nifty trick Ioa explained here, but rather than writing the referenced footnotes in the same document, put them in a separate file so you can open it in the split editor or a QR window. That will give you all the room you need and also let you zoom separately from your text.
referenced inline footnotes.png

Only caveat (that I know of; Ioa may have more) is that if you put this “Footnotes” document last in your Draft, when you go to compile, the “end of text” marker, if you’ve selected to include one, will appear after that document. Which means that it will get placed after the final footnote, wherever in the text that footnote ends up. You’ll want to either deselect that option or move the footnotes document somewhere else in the compile group.